Neurella Labs Executive Team

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Matthew Crawford:  CEO, CFO, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Matt Crawford, CEO of Neurella Labs, has spent the past 15 years working in the OOH advertising sales and marketing industry. He has worked for top media firms OUTFRONT Media and Intersection (formerly Titan Outdoor). His prime achievements were in business development and operations management. During his tenure at Titan Outdoor he won industry awards in 2006 “Breakout Player of the Year” and was credited in 2008 with creating a business unit for  production and inventory development. The business unit he ran for 7 years quickly became the fastest growing and profitable within the company.  Subsequently, Matt embarked on fulfilling his dream, setting off to create a business of his own. Thus was born the consulting firm Sasta Business Solutions, initially to manage Neurella Labs but rapidly spinning off multiple other ventures, attracting numerous clients.

When personal tragedy struck with his mother’s shocking diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer and his mother-in-law struggling with ‘untreatable’ dementia, Matt turned his focus, dedication and skills to helping others. He joined forces with one of the brain experts involved with dementia research and built a team of medical experts who applied their collective clinical wisdom to formulate the first product.  Neurella daily supplement that contain 12 multifunctional nutritional supplements (often called nutraceuticals or nootropics) designed to give your brain everything it needs to perform at its best and to naturally reduce risks associated with brain-related ailments like Alzheimer’s, Brain Trauma and Stroke.

With the Neurella Labs team in place, Matt has guided Neurella Labs through its inception and launch towards a multimillion dollar company dedicated to a wide range of products.  The team will target sectors ranging from improving mind-body wellness through innovative supplements to address unmet needs and support healthy ageing, to functional nutrition and cutting-edge, technologically-interfaced personal care modalities.

On top of being a very active CEO, Matt is a father of two young boys and loving husband to his wife Cathy. He also co-produces Jim Karol’s  podcast Purely Mental.


Julie Globus, Legal Council, Board of Directors

Julie D. Globus is the founding partner of Sabharwal, Globus & Lim LLP, a boutique law firm located just north of NYC. Her practice focuses on corporate and transactional matters primarily representing banks, hedge funds and broker-dealers in the purchase and sale of debt in distressed companies; 144A and private placement securities, bankruptcy claims and other distressed and non-distressed assets.

In SGL’s infancy, Ms. Globus engaged in large part with assisting her clients in the area of structured finance transactions and structural analysis of deals, both domestic and international; and in collaterally supporting her clients during cross-border negotiations and transactions.

In 2015 SGL expanded its practice to include broker-dealer formation and all related business issues including but not limited to: compliance with Federal Securities rules, FINRA compliance, underwriting, distribution, private placements, and trading. This has given Ms. Globus access to some of the brightest minds in the compliance related industry.

Ms. Globus recently expanded her practice to include structuring and incorporating start-ups, providing advice on the strategic architectural formation of holding companies and their associated operating companies and assisting her clients in obtaining financing for their endeavors with a view to global expansion and potentially IPO’s. As such, Ms. Globus functions both in a legal capacity and in a business advisory capacity assisting her clients in crafting a blueprint for obtaining financing, which includes generating financial reports, assisting with pitch-decks and setting up online data rooms for investor review.

Ms. Globus sits on the Board of Directors of Neurella and another neuro-healthcare related company, both focusing on improving mental health, energy, and overall well-being. Prior to that Ms. Globus sat on the board of a Canadian parent of a Swiss corporate advisory company; and she frequently visits Canada and Europe for the purposes of investment related matters.

Ms. Globus is an avid cyclist and skier. In 2014 she began competing in triathlons, which has included five 70.3 half-ironman races, a passion of hers. She makes every effort to complete two 70.3 races each year.