Neurella’s citicoline (Cognizin brand) supplies the raw material used by brain cells to produce the main neurotransmitter responsible for creating new memory–”Ach” (short for ‘acetylcholine’) but also maintaining cell structure. The natural root extract Huperzine-A in Neurella, works just like the dementia drugs used to treat Alzheimer patients. Multiple anti-oxidants in Neurella such as the amino acid NAC, EGCG (from green tea), Resveratrol (from red wine) and the medicinal plant Rhodiola (long used in Asia and Russia) all work to counteract the effects of damaging free radicals produced by oxidative stress. And several of Neurella’s components possess anti-inflammatory properties, shown to be a key factor in many diseases that cause dementia. Curcumin (C3 brand), DMG, EGCG and Ashwagandha (Sensoril brand) all combat inflammation, allowing brain cells to communicate more efficiently–one of the many ways to reverse brain fog. And the methyl-B12 is a more absorbable form of the most common vitamin-deficiency cause of dementia. Finally, because the brain needs 10 times more energy than other organs, Neurella delivers the proven, supercharging molecules CoQ10, Rhodiola and Bacopa (Synapsa brand). So if you want to ensure you supplement your diet with a full range of anti-aging ingredients, Neurella is your choice for a quality product, created by expert neuroscientists with the right amount of time-tested herbals, vitamins and botanicals.