Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the use of high-quality nutraceuticals to maintain and optimize brain performance, helping individuals maximize mental acuity with time-tested ingredients formulated into targeted nutritional blends. Paired with our supportive, educational content, Neurella fosters a culture that recognizes the value of therapeutic wisdom distilled through the millennia but made accessible through the power of modern media outlets.

Neurella was established in 2016 to satisfy the growing need for premium nutraceuticals to address various brain-related health conditions and concerns. Neurella formulations are the fruit of thousands of years of wisdom distilled, refined and successfully applied to real-world individuals. Our goal is to become the premier provider of respected and effective nutritional blends as well as supportive, comprehensive, and educational media content. Through this content, we intend to educate the public why optimal brain function is not only critically important but achievable on a daily basis.

Brain dysfunction will eventually strike most families, leaving this frustrated group to seek the most aggressive, comprehensive and creative neurotherapy for conditions often deemed “untreatable” by mainstream experts. Because most people feel helpless ‘doing nothing’ in the face of seeming futility, many will turn to alternative or complementary and supportive health information outlets. Inspired by a quest to revolutionize the delivery of reasoned options across the spectrum of nootropic supplements, Neurella uniquely links the product with the knowledge of how and why such time-tested ingredients help one outperform the competition. Consumers will be empowered through a steady stream of cutting-edge information via podcasts, videocasts, online and live events. Neurella will explain the secrets behind how the mind’s function benefits from a synergistic approach and why mainstream medicine is poorly equipped to respond proactively to the ever-looming impact of brain injury, underperformance or dysfunction. Silicon Valley and other entrepreneurs, investors or stakeholders have recently popularized terms such ‘nootropics’ and ‘biohacking’, heightening awareness of the accelerating quest to unlock the brain’s full potential. Neurella comes to market with a deep and full spectrum, vertically-integrated model matching product to awareness and content.


The following were carefully selected as key elements that support or drive brain optimization:  vitamins, nutraceuticals, key ingredients, cofactors or raw material components of neurotransmitters and metabolic energy production are among the properties of Neurella’s 12 natural, well-studied components.  Most of these 12 are multi-functional, cross-functional or adaptogens which mediate and regulate cognition, mood, energy, stamina as well as protect brain tissue from the assault of toxic processes and the scourge of inflammatory cascades.  Taken together, Neurella’s composite formula is both a ‘sword’ advancing the battle for unfettered brain function and a ‘shield’ against the corrosive effects of ‘brain smog’.

Eventually, through educating the supplement-consuming public, we will proffer and promulgate the future use of a unique, composite term, ‘Vitalments’ to refer to the rarely-achieved, optimal and daily spectrum of complete brain fuel.