There’s a reason your brain is the only body part totally covered in bone. But even bone is only one line of defense. What goes on inside the skull determines how long and how well your brain will function either during the natural aging process or when the brain is struck by trauma, disease or malfunction. Neurella’s formulation works like an ‘internal helmet’, protecting brain cells from the inside out. If you could buy insurance for your brain or put on the equivalent of a seatbelt to protect your brain from damaging forces, you would do that in a heartbeat. Decades of brain research reveal the crucial mechanisms that protect the brain from damage in the short and long-term. Supplementing your diet with raw material used to repair and fuel brain cells creates a resilient brain, especially when combined with peak energy production and abundant substances to shield the brain from attack by oxidative stress or free radicals as well as the destructive effects of inflammation (caused mainly by sugar or an over-reactive immune response). Nearly every ingredient Neurella provides plays a role in protecting your brain’s optimal functioning from taking a hit. Many natural remedies have been shown to have ‘adaptogenic’ properties meaning they act like a shock absorber, softening the blow of trauma forces, disease damage or a poor diet and too much stressful demands placed on the brain. Ashwagandha, CoQ10, C3-Turmeric, NAC, Bacopa, Rhodiola and EGCG stand ready to protect the brain from the most common internal and external assaults the brain will eventually encounter.