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As the age of wisdom approached, I found myself forgetting and with a foggy brain. I was never a big pill taker, but I did what my doctor said to stay healthy, CoQ10, Vitamin B12 and I added some Ayurvedic wisdom like Turmeric but it was too much to take on a daily basis. Then I found Neurella, not only it had all those elements but the team of doctors added some things I didn’t know about and the combination is just fantastic. It took a month to fully kick in, but my memory has never been sharper, my mind speed is better and I feel energized. I can even remember names of music I could never memorize… Thank you to the Neurella team to put your wisdom in one single pill. I recommend Neurella to my friends and they all love it.

Irmine Hero, Family Home artist and Thermomix Independent Consultant

My husband is a former machinist and farmer in his 50’s who suffered severe brain injury many years ago while taking down a tree. He’s had a lot of problems with his mood and memory and behavior. He’s been on a lot of different medications over the years but a couple months ago I started him on Neurella and I definitely noticed an improvement in his mood and energy and overall behavior, even his memory is improving even after all these years since his brain trauma. He’s much easier to manage and doesn’t freak out as easily or as significantly as he used to, plus he carries a conversation better. I would highly recommend this supplement to people dealing with a loved one with brain injury at least based on my experience.

-RH, caregiver/wife of TBI victim

“Since using your product I have noticed a higher level of the following: alertness, less fatigue, and an acute level of awareness. In my profession, all characteristics you can never have enough of.”

Michael J Pirot – Owner and Chief Pilot of Garden State Helicopter

“It’s more thinking, focusing and doing what needs to be done at end of day and not saying, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Jackie, Mom and Caretaker

“Before taking Neurella I often fumbled for words verbally or when writing. Now I rarely pause at all to find the words I want to use. It has surely helped me and I will definitely continue to use it.”

Paul B. age 50, Tech Entrepreneur and Business Owner

“It has been the best supplement I’ve ever taken. My processing speed with thinking and speaking is much faster. It’s really helping my husband too. Thank you!”

Katrina B. (51 years old, 5 years following brain trauma)